• Candy, Candy, Everywhere!

    Candy, Candy, Everywhere!

    By: Jane Henley, MS, RD, LDN

    While it’s fun to own a mountain of candy, it’s probably not the best idea to eat it all…

    After sorting through your favorites, why not find something else to do with the rest?

    Here are 10 ideas to get you started –

    1. How about sending some of your candy halfway around the world and supporting hurricane relief efforts? Potomac Pediatrics has partnered with local children who are encouraging their peers to donate candy to their doctor’s office (that’s us) for donations to organizations like Unicef and Save the Children that are supporting relief efforts and are in desperate need of funding.
      • Donated candy will be distributed U.S. Troops.
      • Potomac Pediatrics will donate $1.00 per pound of candy received in our office to Youth Venture, who will be distributing donations.
    2. Check with your dentist or orthodontist to see if they offer a candy exchange. You turn in some candy and get a healthy treat or prize in exchange. Some practitioners donate the candy to soup kitchens or to troops overseas.
    3. Try reverse trick-or-treating. With a parent, make a trip to one or more local charities that accept candy donations. You’ll feel great, and you’ll sweeten someone else’s day too. Some ideas include your local Ronald McDonald House, nursing homes, food pantries, children’s hospitals, veterans’ homes, or women’s shelters.
    4. Reduce by recycling. If you have a birthday or other party coming up, offer to use your candy to fill up goodie bags.
    5. Melt your extra chocolate bars, pour into molds, let cool, and voilà — decorative, delicious gifts! Or, use it to dip your favorite fruits into for a delicious snack of strawberries, apples, and bananas.
    6. Use the candy to fill a piñata for someone who has a fall or winter birthday.
    7. Give “candy math” a whirl! Use candy corns to practice addition, subtraction, or counting by fives and tens. Hershey bars or KitKats are both great for visualizing fractions. Or, you can sort your candy (chocolate, gum, lollipops, fruit snacks, etc.) and figure out what percentage each group contributed to your total amount.
    8. Build a gingerbread house this holiday! Your Halloween candy can get you off to a great start on your decorations.
    9. Send it to work with your mom or dad. That’ll really make it disappear fast!
    10. Make a Halloween Trail Mix. Click the download button to get this recipe!

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