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Virtual Anger Management for Parents:

Group Led by Jennifer Alfonso, MBA, MSW, LCSW-C, CEAP

Contrary to popular belief, parents do not have super hero powers! It can be challenging to keep your cool when the parenting gets tough.

  • Do you find yourself getting frustrated easily?

  • Are you raising your voice more than you want to?

  • Do you ever feel exasperated when dealing with your kids?

  • Do you ever regret how you acted with your kids?

  • Have you lost your cool with loved ones?

If you can related to any of these (and we are sure you have more of your own examples!), join this virtual six week workshop to learn proven strategies on how to keep your cool even when the parenting gets tough.


During this dynamic, interactive and fast paced workshop you will:

  • Learn to manage parental frustration and stress so it doesn’t manage you

  • Understand Healthy vs. Unhealthy Anger Reponses

  • Learn strategies on how to keep your cool when situations are overwhelming

  • Understand the physiological impact of stress and frustration

  • Learn the ten most common parenting mistakes you make when frustrated

  • Understand six cognitive distortions that impact your parenting and how to change them

  • Develop a comprehensive Keeping Your Cool Parenting Plan

This virtual workshop will run from 4/17/23 to 5/22/23.

All classes are Monday evening 5:30pm to 7:00pm on Zoom

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