• The Flu and You

    The Flu and You

    by Michelle Place, CRNP-P Flu season is reaching it’s peak in nearly 45 states this month and it has hit our community like a mack truck. The CDC is reporting 14,000 new cases of flu diagnosed each week. Schools and daycare centers are empty and our waiting room is full. With all of the mucus

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  • What is RSV?

    What is RSV?

    By Natalia Darling, PA-C What is RSV?   RSV, or Respiratory Syncytial Virus is a virus that causes respiratory tract infections in all ages.  Outbreaks in our area generally occur in the winter, with a peak between January and February.   The hallmark of RSV is excessive production of mucus– in adults this causes a bad cold,

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  • Just Say No to (Cough and Cold) Drugs

    Just Say No to (Cough and Cold) Drugs

    by Michelle Place, CRNP-P   Let’s Do the Math This time of year it seems like our kids are sick constantly. Fever, congestion, mucus flowing from every orifice and coughing. Oh the coughing!  Coughing in the morning, coughing in the daytime, coughing all night long. Will it never stop? Something must be really wrong, this

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