Many services that we provide are non-covered services, meaning they are not paid by any insurance company – even if there are codes we can submit for payment.

In light of this, we have decided to charge a single annual fee, so that all patients can have ready access to a complete range of services needed. This fee covers services such as:


  • Completing refill requests without an office visit (does not apply to controlled substances)
  • Sending medical records to specialists
  • Should you relocate or leave the practice for any reason, providing copies of records upon request
  • CHADIS access for when your children are between the ages of 2 months – 19 years
  • Access to discounted and free seminars
  • Extended evening and weekend hours which save you an urgent care/ER copay!
  • Ocular vision screening, pulse oximetry, fluoride treatment, and developmental screenings with the primary care pediatrician.
  • Maintaining a web-based secure patient portal to allow you to request appointments and communicate with the practice on medical issues with your doctor
  • Insurance claims appeals and re-filing
  • Billing summaries for FSA/tax purposes
  • Providing statement copies in the office at your request (please note statements are only initially provided through the patient portal)
  • Account resolution up to and including speaking with human resources and insurance companies if needed on a case by case basis
  • Discounted Health Coach Sessions
  • Completing medical clearance forms for child care centers, schools, sports, and camps, and preparing letters of medical necessity, and sending these completed forms back to you – no limit! Postage is taken care of for anything you need us to send you!

Because we know that growing families have limited budgets, we have set our Non-Covered Services Fee at $110 per child, with a maximum of $250 per family (3 or more children), on an annual basis. As you can see, this is far less expensive than paying for each service as you use it and this further provides you the ability to “just ask”!

Click here to watch a short 3 minute video on the Annual Non-Covered Services Fee.