The Healthy Habits Clinic

The Health Habits Clinic is an interdisciplinary program designed to help children 10 years and older establish foundations of healthy living. The program includes:

  • Office visits with Dr. Mechak who will perform any necessary labs or screening tests and discuss the role that goal setting and accountability play in making change.
  • Hands-on fitness sessions with Allison who will teach your family fun ways to stay active while practicing proper exercise technique and boosting self-confidence.
  • Sessions will also focus on cultivating a healthy relationship with food and promoting a balanced diet.
  • Fun challenges and activities to keep you and your family motivated!

These sessions are covered by your insurance but are subject to copays and deductibles

Joseph Mechak, MD


 Allison Kunk

Fitness Coach

Ashley Newman


The Mission:

  • Educate your child about the importance of healthy nutrition and regular physical activity
  • Empower your child to take an interest in their own health
  • Establish a solid foundation of healthy habits to build upon
  • Increase your child’s self Esteem

The Plan:

Click HERE to see the Healthy Habits Clinic Roadmap

Check out a short clip for a more in-depth look!

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