Introducing (an opportunity to skip reception). At Potomac Pediatrics, we are revolutionizing the patient experience, and we are committed to making your office visits more streamlined.
With the you will enjoy:

  • Faster and more private check-in process
  • Electronic receipts making FSA/HSA management easier
  • Tightest financial security we can provide
  • Eliminating billing from the office visit

How it works:
For most appointments, upon arriving you will be greeted at the door by a team member and taken directly back to an exam room. Your greeter will verify and update your family’s demographic and/or insurance information. Your copay will be charged to your credit card on file along with any self-pay services rendered.

If your insurance has changed then we ask that you please submit your new information prior to arriving for your office visit. Doing so will help keep you on the and allow us to verify you benefits in advance. It will also give us the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with your specific policy should you have any questions or concerns when you arrive.

Other benefits of having your credit card on file:

Once we’ve received your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance company, our billing team will post all insurance payments and contractual adjustments to your account. If any patient balance remains a statement will be generated and posted to your patient portal account. You will then receive an email notification that you’ve received a message through the patient portal. Many parents will also receive a text, and/or voice message notification of the current balance along with a reminder that their statement has been uploaded to their child’s patient portal account. Please login to your child’s account to view your statement and contact us immediately at or call us at (301) 279-6750 if you have any question regarding your statement.

If you wish to pay your bill immediately you can remit payment online by clicking here. Otherwise do nothing. In 7 days your credit card on file will be charged. Please do not mail in payments once you have a credit on file. If you wish to pay with a different credit card please contact our office within 7 days of your statement being posted to your patient portal account.

Do you need to reset your patient portal login? Please click here to reset your username/password or email us at with your child’s name and date of birth.

Credit Card on File Authorization & FAQ’s