Anxiety & Depression Specialist for Kids in Rockville

Safeguarding your child’s mental health is just as important as protecting their physical wellbeing. No parents want their child to struggle.

If you are here, that is probably because you have recognized a need for an anxiety and depression specialist for kids.

Why Does My Child Need a Specialist?

Excessive fear, uncontrollable worry, irritability, and the physical symptoms that manifest due to anxiety and depression can significantly impact your child’s quality of life. These issues may lead to more severe problems without help from a qualified specialist.

Addressing these disorders is often multi-tiered and may include medication, different types of therapies, and lifestyle modifications. A specialist is a medical professional who can ensure your child receives tailored treatment.

How Long Does Treatment Last?

The goal is to help your child work through and manage anxiety and depression in a judgment-free, no-pressure, supportive environment. It is impossible to put a time limit on their care.

How Do I Find the Best Anxiety & Depression Specialist for My Child?

  • Consult your child’s primary care provider. They know your child’s medical history and can exclude any underlying medical issues. While some pediatricians can diagnose mental health conditions, others may refer you to specialized clinicians if needed. Always verify credentials of any specialist you are considering. 
  • Meet with the school counselor. They are trained in mental health and may already be supporting your child. They can provide referrals to qualified clinicians.
  • Explore additional resources. Parents, online support groups, local universities, teaching hospitals, or nonprofits offering children’s mental health services can be valuable.
  • Arrange a consultation. This allows the chance to discuss your child’s requirements, explore treatment options, and assess compatibility. Choose a specialist who inspires confidence, understanding, and a feeling of comfort for both you and your child.

Where Is the Best Place to Find an Anxiety & Depression Specialist for Kids in Rockville?

The team at Potomac Pediatrics is dedicated to providing care for your child when they need it the most.

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