• 07 SEP, 2016
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    Conjunctivitis aka Pink Eye

    Pink Eye or Conjunctivitis Conjunctivitis, commonly known as Pink Eye is a very common problem and treated very easily.  More common for pre-K and elementary school aged kids but everyone is at risk because it is so contagious (watch out parents!) Conjunctivitis can have several causes: Viral conjunctivitis is caused by a virus. This type

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    • 01 SEP, 2016
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    Coxsackievirus AKA Hand/Foot/Mouth Disease Explained

    That is a big scary word for an illness you want to avoid! Coxsackievirus is a virus that lives in our digestive tract.  The virus can spread from person to person; usually with unwashed hands and surfaces contaminated by feces (the virus can live on a surface for several days – yuk!)  It can also

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