Practice/Provider name Location Contact 1 Contact 2
Schreiber Allergy
   Drs. Schreiber, Sokol, Zhou
Rockville 301-545-5512
Germantown Allergy and Asthma
   Dr. Kao
Germantown 301-972-3709
Premier Allergist Multiple locations 800-778-9923
Institute for Asthma & Allergy Chevy Chase, Wheaton 301-962-5800
Children’s National Hospital Allergy Rockville 202-476-3016 1-888-884-BEAR
Johns Hopkins Hospital Allergy Baltimore 410-955-5883
Maryland International Adoption Clinic
   Kennedy Krieiger Institute
Baltimore 443-923-9411
Center for Adoption Support & Education Burtonsville 301-476-8525
Treatment and Learning Center Rockville 301-424-5200 301-738-1415
Children’s National Hospital Rockville 202-476-5600 301-765-5400
Advanced ENT Care – Siegel, Bosworth, Sorensen Group – Rockville 240-361-9000
INOVA Children’s Cardiology Rockville, Frederick, Silver Spring 301-424-8484 301-591-6438
Children’s National Hospital Cardiology Rockville 202-937-0907 202-476-2020
Frederick 301-682-6661
Johns Hopkins Children Center Cardiology Bethesda, Frederick, Baltimore 410-955-5987
Montgomery County Child Protective services Montgomery County 240-777-4417
Treehouse Child Advocacy Center Rockville 240-777-4699
Children’s National Hospital – SCORE Clinic Rockville 202-476-2429 301-765-5400
Head First Multiple locations 855-748-4868
Fyzical Physical Therapy Rockville 240-361-9000
Rehab to Perform Bethesda, Germantown, Frederick 301-798-4838
MVP Smiles
   Dr. Kwatra and partners
Gaithersburg 301-977-2200
Metropolitan Pediatric Dentistry
   Dr. Ricardo Perez
Chevy Chase 301-718-1012
Dr. Bob Testen, DDS Germantown 301-478-9161
EJL Dentist Rockville 301-881-6170
Harmony Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics
   Drs. Sholander and Goodman
Bethesda 301-579-8384
Superkids Peditric Dentistry Rockville 301-762-2235
Potomac 301-299-4400
DC Pediatric Smiles
   Drs. Blank, Roma, and Choi
Bethesda 301-363-9026
Dentistry for Children
   Dr. Armakan
Potomac 301-281-6719
Olney 301-924-5500
Rockville Pediatric Dental
   Drs. Horng, Alshami
Rockville 301-881-0220
Kids Teeth Rockville 301- 330-3222
US Dermatology Partners, Rockville
   Dr. Abrams
Rockville (301) 681-7397
Center for Cosmetic and Clinical Dermatology
   Drs. Ford, Rothman and partners
Gaithersburg 301-977-2070
Shady Grove Dermatology
   Drs. Yeager, Yeager & Berk
Rockville 240-246-7417
Anne Arundel Dermatology
    Drs. Jaffe, Lindgren, O’Neill and partners
Bethesda 301-530-4800
   Dr. Giblin Rockville 301-216-2980
Lawrence Green Dermatology
   Dr. Green
Rockville 301-610-0663
Advanced Dermatology
   Dr. Barnett
Rockville, Olney 301-990-6565
Johns Hopkins Pediatric Dermatology Baltimore 410-955-5933
Childrens National Hospital Dermatology Rockville, Washington, D.C. 202-476-7546 301-765-5400
Kennedy Kreiger Institute
    Center for Autism and Related Disorders Baltimore 443-923-7630
    Center for Development and Learning Baltimore 888-554-2080
Children’s National Hospital 301-765-5400
   Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders Rockville 301-765-5430
   Child Development Program Rockville, Washington D.C. 202-476-5405
   Neurodevelopmental Pediatrics Rockville, Washington D.C. 202-476-2327
University of Maryland
   Behavioral and Developmental Pediatrics
Baltimore 410-328-5887 410-706-2300
iNOVA Children’s Hospital Fairfax 571-472-4300
Verbal Beginnings Rockville, Columbia, Frederick 855-782-4417
Chesapeake Center
    Dr. Rony Marcou
Bethesda 301-562-8448
Potomac Psychiatry
   Dr. Chuck Ng
Rockville 301.984.9791
Mt Washington Pediatrics Hospital
   Developmental Evaluation Clinic Baltimore 410-367-2222
   Neurodevelopmental Services Baltimore 410-367-2222
As You Are On-line
MedStar Georgetown
   Drs. Shah, Gourgari
Rockville at Potomac Pediatrics 202-295-0547
Adventist Medical Group – Endocrinology
Rockville 301-251-9503
Dr. Ali Mohamadi Chevy Chase 301-466-1207
Mt. Washington Pediatric Endocrinology Baltimore 410-367-2222
Johns Hopkins Children’s Center Bethesda, Columbia, Baltimore 443-997-5437 410-955-6463-2
Children’s Nataional Hospital – Endcrionology Rockville, Washington D.C. 202-476-3440 301-765-5400
Advanced ENT Care – Siegel, Bosworth, Sorensen Group –
   Drs. Siegel, Bosworth, Sorensen
Rockville 240-361-9000
Advanced ENT Care – Feldman Group
   Dr. Jerome Schwartz
Chevy Chase, Germantown, Bethessda 301-652-8847
Advanced ENT Care – Metro ENT Group
   Drs. Pham, Lee, Daly
Rockville 301-315-0003
Children’s National Hospital – ENT Rockville, Washington D.C. 202-476-2159 301-765-5400
Johns Hopkins Childrens Center – ENT Bethesda, Baltimore 443-997-6467
Childrens National Hospital
   Adolescent Medicine Washington DC 202-476-5464
   PRIDE Clinic Washington DC 202-476-5744
Johns Hopkins Adolescent and Young Adult Clinic Baltimore 410-955-5710
Chase Brexton Healthcare Baltimore 410-837-2050 ext. 1049
University of Maryland Baltimore 410-328-8336
Dr. Beverly Fischer Timmonium 410-308-4700
Whitman Walker Health Washington DC 202-745-7000
Children’s National Hospital Rockville, Washington D.C 202-545-2500 301-765-5400
Johns Hopkins Childrens Center – Genetics Baltimore 410-955-3071
Georgetown 202-243-3434
University of Maryland School of Medicine Baltimore 410-328-6749 410-328-5887
MedStar Georgetown
   Dr. Saadeh-Haddad
Washington D.C. 202-243-3400 202-295-0547
INova Childrens Hospital – Genetics Fairfax 571-472-4300 202-295-0547
Children’s National Hospital – GI and Nutrition Rockville, Washington DC 202-476-3032 301-765-5400
MedStar Georgetown – GI and Nutrition
   Dr. Serrano
Rockville (at Potomac Peds), Washington DC 202-295-0547 202-243-3558×4
Johns Hopkins Childrens Center Bethesda, Frederick, Columbia, Baltimore 443-997-5437 410-955-8769
University of Maryland Children’s Hospital Baltimore 410-328-5887
Women’s Health Specialists
   Dr. Snyder
Rockville 301-770-4967
Rockville Gynecology
   Dr. Young, Dr. Rose, Dr. Slate and Tosh Luchtefeld (NP)
Rockville 301-330-7007
Capital Womens Care: Divison 23 Rockville 301-424-1696
Germantown 301-770-4967
Simmons, Martin, and Helmbrect
   Dr. Helmbrecht
Rockville 301-414-2300
Potomc OB/GYN
   Dr. Poshni & Dr. Masiky
Potomac 301-654-2275
Childrens National Hospital
   Drs. Veronica Gomez-Lobo, Damle
Washington D.C. 202-476-2554
Childrens National Hospital – Hematology Rockville 202-476-2140 301-765-5400
Johns Hopkins Children’s Center – Hematology Baltimore 443-997-5437
MedStar Georgetown Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Washington D.C. 202-444-2224 202-444-7599
Apria 301-210-0505 888-492-7742
Home Call 301-417-2172
Continuum Pediatric Nursing 443-863-6993 800-828-5659
Shady Grove Adventist 301-592-4400 301-826-6000
Children’s National Hospital Infectious Diseases Frederick, Washington D.C. 202-476-5051
Johns Hopkins Childrens Center – Infectious Diseases Baltimore 443-997- 5437
MedStar Georgetown Infectious Diseases
   Drs. Stern, Kanthula
Washington D.C. 202-243-3492
Capital Medical Partners
   Dr. Frankel and partners
Rockville 301-217-9222
Dr. Alan Morrison
    Dr. Morrison
D.C. 202-966-0622
Spectrum Family Medicine Rockville 301-738-0300
Janssen Family Medicine Gaithersburg 240-631-1170
Family Health Care of MD Rockville, Olney 301-972-0400
Rockville Internal Medicine Rockville, Olney 301-762-5020
Potomac Pediatrics Rockville 301-279-6750
Potomac Lice Lady
   Lauren Salzberg
Potomac 240-390-6487
Lice Clinics of America Rockvile 240-949-6629
Rabbi Henesch Baltimore
Dr. Marmon Rockville 301-294-2684
Dr. Rubin D.C. 202-841-3329
Dr. Engel Rockville 301-320-6065
Children’s National Hospital Rockville, Washington D.C. 202-476-2090 301-765-5400
INOVA Children’s Nephrology Fairfax 571-472-4300 703-876-2788
Magnificent Minds
   Drs. Patel, Tran & Jacqueline Bragunier, PA-C
Bethesda 301-652-6800
Mid-Atlantic Sleep and Epilepsy Center
   Dr. Pong
Bethesda 301-530-9744
Johns Hopkins Children’s Center – Neurology Bethesda, Baltimore 410-955-4259
Children’s National Hospital – Neurology
   Neurology Clinic Rockville, Frederick, Washington D.C. 202-410-4479 202-476-3611
   Headache Clinic Rockville, Washington DC 202-476-4323
MedStar Georgetown Pediatric Neurology Washington DC 202-243-3400 202-416-2000
Children’s National Hospital Neurosurgery Rockville. Frederick, Washington D.C. 202-476-3020 301-765-5400
Johns Hopkins Children’s Center Neurosurgery Bethesda, Baltimore 410-955-7337
Jane Henley Rockville 240-242-5456
Capital Pediatric Nutrition
    Brittany Shapiro, RD, LD, CNSC, CSP
DC, MD, VA 202-643-3126
Dr. Daisy Rockville, MD 240-449-4022
Potomac Valley Psychotherapy
   Jill Fuster, MS, RD
Rockville, MD 301-984-3333
Ayala Nutrition
   Stephanie Ayala
Bethesda, MD 301-820-8848
Sandra Pinney McLean, VA, DC 202-997-6372
Courage to Nourish
   Alex Raymond
Columbia, MD, Alexandria, VA, Virtual 301-202-4532
Montgomery County Infants and Toddlers in-home 240-777-3997
Frederick County Infants and Toddlers in-home 301-600-1611
Pediatric Development Center Rockville/Silver Spring 301-860-7505 301-869-7505
Treatment & Learning Center Rockville 301-424-5200
Fitness for Health Rockville 301-231-7138
MoCo Movement Center Rockville 301-770-5437
Little Sprout Therapy North Bethesda 301-881-1394
Jump Start Therapy Gaithersburg 301-251-2849
Stepping Stones Bethesda 301-652-7800
Handwriting Heros Rockville 301-770-0604
Kids Eye Care Rockville, Frederick 301-330-1366
Dr. Marcia Hutcheon Rockville 301-977-0167
Eye Doctors of Washington
   Dr. G. Vike Vicente
Chevy Chase 301-281-4085 301-215-7100
Johns Hokins Wilmer Eye Institute Bethesda, Baltimore 240-482-1100 410-955-5080
Children’s Nataional Hospital Rockville, Chevy Chase, Washington D.C. 202-476-3015 301-765-5400
Dr. Fritz Orthodontics Rockville 301-330-9550
MVP Smiles
   Dr. Barrer
Gaithersburg 540-981-4020 301-977-2200
Capital Orthodontics
   Dr. Schwartz
Rockville 240-428-0573
Ortho Bethesda
   Dr. Walters
Bethesda 301-530-1010 (240) 482-3118
Greater Washington Orthopaedic Group
   Dr. Sanders, Petruccelli and partners
Rockville, Germantown 301-547-3729
The Orthopedic Center Rockville, Germantown 301-251-1433
Shady Grove Orthopedics Rockville 301-340-9200
Metro Orthopedics and Sports Therapy Potomac 301-588-7888
Maryland Orthopedics Specialists
    Dr. Raffo and partners
Bethesda, Rockville, Germantown 301-515-0900
Washington Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
   Dr. Moss, Zahir and partners
Chevy Chase 301-657-1996
Children’s National Hospital – Ortho and Sports Medicine Rockville 202-476-2112 301-765-5400
Mid-Maryland Musculoskelatal Institure
   Dr. Copaken and Partners
Frederick, Urbana 301-694-8311 1-888-884-2327
Montgomery Sports Medicine Center
   Dr. Kessous
Gaithersburg, Silver Spring, Bethesda 301-754-0505 1-888-884-2327
MedStar Georgetown Pediatric Orthopaedics
   Dr. Murray
Gaithersnurg 202-444-8766
Children’s National Hospital Rockville, Washington D.C. 202-476-3049 301-765-5400
Johns Hopkins Children’s Center Baltimore 443-923-9400 443-287-9262
Inova Childrens Hospital Fairfax, Loudon 703-776-6080
QuistMD Washington D.C. 202-244-8222
Montgomery County Infants and Toddlers in-home 240-777-3997
Frederick County Infants and Toddlers in-home 301-600-1611
Fitness For Health Rockville 301-231-7138
MoCo Movement Center Rockville 301-770-5437
Early Intervention Therapy Rockville 301-468-9343
Pediatric Development Center Rockville/Silver Spring 301-860-7505 301-869-7505
ProAction Physical Therapy Rockville 301-881-2273
Children’s National Hospital Rockville 301-576-2000 301-765-5400
Children’s NationalHospital Rockville, Washington D.C. 202-476-2157 301-765-5400
Johns Hopkins Childrens Center Baltimore 443-997-9466
Plastic Surgery Institive of Washington
   Dr. Friedman, Forman & Huang
Bethesda 301-881-7770
Dr. Tattelbaum Chevy Chase 301-656-6398
Faulkner Plastic Surgery Rockville 240-802-8100
Dr. Gregory O. Dick Rockville 301-251-2600
Shady Grove Podiatry
   Dr. Amir Assili and Dr Hoan Dang
Gaithersburg 301-948-2995 301-264-6529
Foot and Ankle Specialists of the Mid-Atlantic
   Dr. Freedman Silver Spring 301-598-0130
   Dr. Firestone Chevy Chase 301-913-5225
   Dr. Adam Spector Kensington 301-949-2000
Frederick Foot and Ankle Frederick 877-668-0008
Childrens National Hospital
   Dr. Rosenberg
Rockville, Washington DC 301-738-7011 202-476-2128
Johns Hopkins Hospital Bethesda, Columbia, Annapolis, Baltimore 443-578-3181
MidAtlantic Epilepsy and Sleep Center
   Dr. Amanda Pong
Rockville 301-530-9744
Anika Brindley Washington D.C. 301-915-0731
Montgomery County Infants and Toddlers in-home 240-777-3997
Frederick County Infants and Toddlers in-home 301-600-1611
Simon Says Speech Therapy Rockville
Treatment & Learning Center Rockville 301-424-5200
North Bethesda 301-881-1394
Little Sprout Therapy Rockville 301-770-5437
Pediatric Development Center Rockville/Silver Spring 301-860-7505 301-869-7505
Stepping Stones Bethesda 301-652-7800
Metro Speech Therapy Gaithersburg (240) 200-5305
Children’s National Hospital Rockville, Washington D.C. 301-765-5400 202-476-5600
Children’s National Hospital Rockville, Washington D.C. 202-476-2151 301-765-5400
Johns Hopkins Children’s Center Bethesda, Frederick, Baltimore 443-997-5437
INOVA Children’s Fairfax 703-560-2236
Children’s Nataional Hospital Rockville, Washington D.C. 202-476-5042 301-765-5400
John’s Hopkins Children’s Center Frederick, Baltimore 410-955-3693 410-469-8638
W.I.S.H. Clinic Rockville, Washington D.C. 202-476-5042