Our bodies are made up of approximately 640 muscles and 206 bones, we are meant to MOVE. Unfortunately, technology and social media has created an environment which promotes sedentary behaviors. Sedentary behaviors increase our risk for cardiovascular disease, Type 2 Diabetes, and obesity.

Around 8 years old, children begin to identify themselves as “athletic” or “unathletic” influencing their drive to actively participate in sports and physical activity.

It is our belief that every child can achieve optimal physical and cognitive development, attain a healthy weight, enjoy food, and reduce the risk of chronic disease through appropriate eating habits and participation in regular physical activity.

Potomac Pediatrics offers one-to-one or group sessions designed to teach and give your child the necessary tools for healthy living, increase self-esteem, facilitate problem solving, and teach your child that moving can be fun.


Every session will include a 30-minute fitness component followed by a 30-minute educational component with our Certified Health Coach, who will be an active partner in unlocking your child’s potential, to maximize his or her own healthy lifestyle choices.

Allison Kunk
Certified Health Coach

Your child will…

  • Learn how to identify barriers and overcome them
  • Identify proper S.M.A.R.T goal setting techniques
  • Receive at home activities to get their heart rates up with little or no equipment required
  • Build self-reliance
  • Understand the importance of living a healthy lifestyle
  • Remove cognitive distortions related to exercise and their own abilities

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