Welcome to Potomac Pediatrics!  Our team is committed to delivering comprehensive medical care that meets your family’s health and lifestyle needs. We strive to make engagement with our practice easy and painless.

We’ve made becoming a new patient here quick and easy. Completing the two steps below will register your child and expedite check-in for their first visit.

1. Preregister your child(ren) here by completing our New Patient Packet. *See age limits.

2. Please submit the request for your previous medical records here (if applicable).

Please be sure to check your email and confirm your email address after you’ve completed the pre-registration packet! 

2. Submit a copy of your insurance card here.
* Insurance cards may be uploaded through your mobile device.

Unique (and Required) Features of Potomac Pediatrics that You Want to Know About Prior to Joining Our Practice…


All families at Potomac Pediatrics are on the FASTpath. FASTpath means that we are committed to making your time in our office all about your child and not about insurance claims. When on the FASTpath you will:

1. Skip the reception desk and a greeter will take you directly back to the exam room.
2. Experience the most efficient insurance claim submission and adjustment in the industry.
3. Experience the ease of managing your family’s account.

How does it work?
It’s easy!  When you join our practice, we will set up a patient portal account for each of your children.  This account allows us to help you communicate with us for medical and financial issues.  We will keep your credit card on file and will notify you prior to any charges.

Annual Non-Covered Services Fee
At Potomac Pediatrics, we provide many services that are not covered by your insurance that are vital to your child and family.

These services include:

  • medical clearance forms,
  • health insurance advocacy,
  • a robust, informative website,
  • free and discounted support classes
  • fair, non-balance billing for services that we provide which many insurance plans do not cover yet are recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics such as vision and hearing screening, developmental screening, and depression screening.

The cost of each service is much less when we charge an annual fee in lieu of itemized billing.  We have calculated that many families experience cost savings compared to the itemized billing.  As well, you are giving us the flexibility to care for your children without the added expense of small billings.  This fee is charged to your account annually in March.

*Click here to learn more about our Annual Non-Covered Services Fee. 

What to Expect for Your First Appointment…

New to the World

Newborns Born at Shady Grove Hospital

If you are delivering at Shady Grove Hospital and you have selected us as your pediatricians, all you have to do is have a baby (easy).  The hospital will call us to let us know that your baby was born and we will come to the hospital to meet you.  After discharge, we will make an appointment to see your baby 1-3 days after you are sent home from the hospital.

Newborns Born at Other Area Hospitals

We are so lucky to have so many great birthing centers.  You really cannot go wrong.  However, we only have privileges at Shady Grove, so if your baby is born at Holy Cross, Sibley, Georgetown, Fairfax or elsewhere, the house pediatricians will see your baby.  We ask that you call us when you know your discharge date so that we can set up your first appointment in the office.  Typically, we like to see the babies 1-3 days after you sent home of the hospital.


New to Our Practice:

Well Child Exam

If your child is due for a checkup, please call the office to schedule that appointment.  Click here to view the recommended checkup schedule.  Please note that many insurances require 365 days between annual, preventative visits after age 2.  You will not be assigned to a specific provider; however, we recommend that you find one provider in our group with whom you connect and schedule all your well exams with that same person.   

Sick Visits 

If your child is not due for a checkup, we may end up meeting your child for the first time at a sick visit.  Once you are registered, if you need to be seen, we will make an appointment for your child.  Our philosophy is that the sun will not set on a sick child.  If you are unsure if you need to be seen, please call us and our advice nurses can help you manage the situation. 

Transferring Patients

We really want to be prepared when we meet your child.  Therefore, we request that as soon as you decide to join our practice, please have your children’s medical records sent to us.  Once we have received your child’s medical records, one of our experienced nurses will contact you to schedule a telephone consult. During this 15-minute call, the nurse will review your child’s medical history, notate any serious medical conditions, review immunization status, notate allergies, and other pertinent information that you or we feel is important to have discussed with the provider at your first visit.  Our goal is to get to know your child as best as possible before we even meet them. This helps streamline your first visit and make your child feel more comfortable in an unfamiliar medical office.

*New Patient Age Limits: We do not accept adolescents over the age of 16.