Best Urgent Care for Children in Montgomery County

Finding the Best Urgent Care for Children in Montgomery County Is as Simple as Following These 3 Tips

There’s not much worse than having a sick or injured child, which can happen no matter how great your healthy habits are. Thankfully, urgent care centers are well equipped to diagnose and treat your little one so they can get back to feeling their best.

Keep reading to learn about the top three tips for finding the best urgent care for children in Montgomery County.

Here Are Three Simple Tips to Find the Best Best Urgent Care for Children in Montgomery County

As a parent, you want the best care for your child. If your child is experiencing a non-life-threatening condition such as a fever, diarrhea, or a minor injury, an urgent care facility is a more ideal option than the ER.

So how do you choose the right urgent care center? Here are three tips to follow.

  • Ensure the center has a pediatrician on staff. Children have very different health needs compared to adults. It’s important to find an urgent care center that has a pediatric specialist on staff to ensure your child receives proper diagnosis and treatment. A pediatric provider is trained to care for newborns, toddlers, teens, and young adults.
  • Prioritize location and hours. Childhood illness and injury can strike at any time, even on the weekends and holidays. Ideally you want to choose an urgent care center that is within a 30 minute drive so that you aren’t traveling too far to receive proper care. It’s also beneficial to choose a facility that offers extended hours.
  • Choose a facility with an on-site lab. If your child has a fever or other symptoms that need a test to confirm a diagnosis, rapid testing is key. Choosing an urgent care facility that has on-site lab services means that you don’t have to wait long for an accurate diagnosis. Most on-site labs are equipped to test for common illnesses such as flu, COVID, strep throat, RSV, and others.

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