In order to continue to provide the best and appropriate care for your children while following current guidelines, we have created a new patient flow. These changes will allow us to continue to serve all our patients.  These are unprecedented times, and we are evaluating patient needs weekly and will increase hours as needed. Please keep in mind that the situation is fluid and we will keep you informed of any changes we are making.

In keeping with the recommendations by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) on the importance of check-ups and immunizations, we have made changes to our schedule:

  • Wellness Exams will be offered during normal business hours.
    • These providers are only seeing well visits!
  • Sick appointments will be from 8:30 pm- 5:00 pm with the designated sick visit provider.
    • Appointments will be outside in your car or in one of our parking lot tents.


COVID-19 Antibody Testing

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In respect to upcoming visits at Potomac Pediatrics, we recommend the following:

  • Keep your well-child exams – We continue to believe that well visits and vaccines are very important for your child’s overall health. We ask for your flexibility as these schedule adjustments are made.
  • Utilize telemedicine – Telemedicine can be a great tool for many visit types. If interested, please email
    • Please be aware we are not able to do telemedicine well-child exams. It is not in line with the current AAP recommendations, and it is crucial for us to monitor the growth and development of your children and to ensure they remain on schedule for recommended vaccines.
  • Follow CDC guidelines regarding seeking care if you or your child have been exposed or potentially exposed
  • Follow all CDCfederal, and local guidelines for up to date information on COVID-19
  • If you are sick, STAY HOME
  • Avoid all public gatherings of more than 10 people
  • Limit non-essential public activities as much as possible
  • If able, keep children home from daycare
  • Avoid indoor play places, museums, gyms, pools, etc.
  • Avoid non-essential domestic air travel
  • Avoid playgroups and playdates

 Potomac Pediatrics has set the following guidelines when deciding when/where to seek care:

  • Make an appointment (never walk-in)- Please call for an appointment if you child has fever, respiratory symptoms, and:
  • is younger than 2 and has had fever for 2 or more days
  • is older than 2 and has had fever for 3 or more days
  • has respiratory distress or trouble breathing
  • Is not drinking enough to urinate 3-4 times per day
  • has an underlying chronic medical condition

Present to the Emergency Department (when possible call us first)

Reasons to go to the emergency room are the same as with other illness:

  • Severe or persistent respiratory distress
  • dehydration
  • Lethargy
  • If your child is less than 2 months and has a fever

As the Coronavirus situation evolves, our policies and recommendations will as well. Please check the website and Facebook page regularly for this updated guidance. As always, please contact us with any questions or concerns.

If you are experiencing some challenges explaining the current situation to your children, Dr. Glassman has suggested some books that may be helpful. Click here