By Maureen Mills, RN, IBCLC
Your baby latches on to start to nurse.
But then your baby hears your toddler walking by and BAM! baby pulls off, or doesn’t pull off (OUCH!) so he can watch big sister.
Your baby keeps getting distracted and you keep getting frustrated.
Around 3 months old, any little noise gets in the way of nursing — the dog, the doorbell, the TV, the rain, your other kids, your husband. This is NORMAL and part of baby’s development.
But just because it’s normal doesn’t mean there aren’t some hacks to help you survive and get back to the quick and efficient feeds you two are used to.
Top 10 tips so your sanity (and nips) can survive the distraction.

  1. Hide away. Find a quiet, dark place to breastfeed. Perfect time to binge watch Season 2 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel…don’t forget to use your ear buds.
  2. Breastfeed while moving. Put baby in the sling or carrier while you’re nursing. Bonus: you’ll burn a few extra calories too.
  3. Make your own distraction. Sing or talk to your baby while nursing. Grab your phone and read the news or your favorite blog to your baby.
  4. Feed more often. Offer the breast more often than usual.
  5. Switch things up. Try new positions — like lying down or laid back nursing.
  6. Hand your baby her own personal distraction. Give her something to keep her sweet hands busy — a small toy, a rattle, a bright scarf, a teething necklace.
  7. Time things strategically. Offer breast when baby is sleepy or just waking up.
  8. Give your baby a choice. Offer a bottle if you’re at a loud party or the movie theater and you don’t have a quiet place to dash off to.
  9. Take a deep breath. Repeat after me: “this too shall pass.” Your baby is becoming more aware of the world around her. This phase will be over soon. Be patient and don’t try to rush feeds.
  10. Get support from moms who have been there, done that. Come to Potomac Pediatrics Newborn Support Group and enjoy the empathy of other moms lead by an understanding and experienced Lactation Consultant who breastfed all three of her babies!