SMART Training- POPFitness Over Gyms

Why should you sign up your child for POPFitness with Coach Allison? To start most gyms, have a minimum age limit for their members and your child may not be eligible to join.
Many adolescents are joining a gym as soon as they meet the age requirement. But do they know what to do, and how to maintain proper form to prevent injury? Probably not. To get this type of guidance a gym goer generally needs to hire a personal trainer. Rates for personal trainers on average run $75-$100 for 30-minute training sessions. Wow!
Gyms are often very intimidating for adults, and that feeling is no different for adolescents. Let’s face it the gym can be an overwhelming experience for everybody. There is uncertainty of how to use the exercise equipment, the idea of other gym members watching you, and the fact that you may simply not know what you to do. Gym machines are not one size fits all. Each machine has various adjustable parts and you need to know your proper settings to prevent injury.
POPFitness offers cost effective training packages to fit your budget and needs. As a certified youth trainer specialist, I will develop age appropriate exercise programs that will engage your child at home, school, and on the field.
As well as instill the value of physical activity for as low as $20 per hour depending on the package you choose, I offer sport specific training for those children who want to increase their skill and performance and group fitness sessions that boost self-esteem through physical activity amongst peers.

Learning how to establish a fitness routine at home using body weight and inexpensive tools, will help your child be more successful and confident when they are ready to step into the gym. Every journey starts somewhere, help start your child’s today.