Physical Activity vs Exercise: What's the Difference?

They sound the same, right? Unfortunately, there’s a significant difference. Physical activity is any movement that requires energy carried out by the skeletal muscles (walking, getting up from your chair) whereas exercise is a planned, structured, repetitive, and intentional movement intended to improve or maintain one’s physical fitness.
So, let’s think? A child who walks to and from school daily, participates in gym 2x per week, but sits most of the day at school, and then comes homes and sits the rest of the evening for homework, dinner, and T.V. time is considered what? Inactive. Besides the walk to and from school and at max 20 minutes of gym time, which is beneficial, the rest of the day will lead to health hazards.
Yes, any physical activity positively contributes to your overall health but exercises is specifically designed to improve your overall physical fitness; cardiorespiratory, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition. 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity 7 days per week is highly beneficial and reduces future health risks. Do you need help establishing a manageable fitness routine for your child that they can do at home?
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