Here’s Why the Best Hormonal Acne Treatment Doctor in Bethesda Recommends AviClear!

Acne is an extremely difficult condition to fight, especially when your child or teenager is struggling with it due to their changing hormones.

Wondering what to do? The best hormonal acne treatment doctor in Bethesda recommends AviClear – here’s why!

What Is AviClear? How Does It Treat Acne?

AviClear is an FDA-cleared laser device that can treat mild, moderate, and even severe forms of acne. It’s a one-of-a-kind treatment that treats the source of acne by targeting and heating the skin’s sebaceous glands, which are responsible for oil production.

Too much of that oil, also known as sebum, can collect dead skin and bacteria. This then clogs pores and inflames the skin, creating various types of blemishes, from whiteheads to painful cysts.

Is AviClear Effective for Hormonal Acne?

The reason the best hormonal acne treatment doctor in Bethesda recommends AviClear is because it’s so versatile and can soothe even the most stubborn of acne. This includes acne caused by hormonal changes or imbalances, which is common for children and teenagers going through puberty.

This unique light-based device is safe and beneficial for all skin types and tones, acne types and severities, and virtually all ages.

How Do I Find the Best Hormonal Acne Treatment Doctor in Bethesda?

The following steps can help you to find a trusted provider to treat your child’s acne safely and successfully:

  • Do your research by looking online for local medical professionals that specialize in hormonal acne and have good reviews.
  • Check their qualifications and make sure they’re a board-certified provider.
  • Schedule a consultation to learn more about their practice.
  • Verify financial matters such as insurance coverage, cost of services, and payment plans if necessary.

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