Here’s How to Find the Best Acne Treatment in Germantown, Maryland

There is no denying there are hundreds of options for treating acne. Trying to choose the right one for your teen can feel overwhelming, to say the least!

Instead of going at it alone, read this quick guide to learn how to find the best acne treatment in Germantown, Maryland, such as AviClear. You’ll be glad you did!

How to Find the Best Acne Treatment in Germantown, Maryland Begins by Choosing an Experienced Provider

Ask your child’s pediatrician or people close to you who have gone through the trials and tribulations of breakouts with their kids. Who do they recommend? What treatment options worked best?

Read online reviews and patient testimonials. These can usually be found directly on a provider’s website. If not, take a look at their social media accounts.

Conduct thorough research. Choose a licensed medical professional with experience in treating acne in children. Take time to verify their background including training, special certifications, and participation in up-to-date research.

What Happens During the First Acne Appointment?

The first visit is going to be the longest, as quite a bit of information is going to be discussed. Be prepared to answer questions regarding your child’s medical history including health conditions, medications, supplements, and previous acne treatments.

Of course, if your child is old enough they should be allowed to speak for themselves when possible. You can also help them write down a list of questions ahead of time.

Allowing them to get involved in their own healthcare is one way you can show your support. Let them know there is going to be a skin exam. This is a painless process that lasts around 20 minutes.

All of this is done so the provider can recommend the best way to approach the condition based on your child’s needs. This could include face washes, over-the-counter remedies, oral or topical prescription medications, AviClear laser therapy, or a combination of treatments.

For Sensational Results From Teen Acne Treatment, Make THIS Call!

The team at Potomac Pediatrics understands how difficult it can be for parents and kids to cope with the troubling effects of acne. You can expect to be met with compassion and respect during your visit to our clinic.

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