Does Insurance Cover AviClear Treatments?

Navigating insurance coverage for dermatology procedures can be confusing.

In fact, you may be wondering, “Does insurance cover AviClear treatments?” Keep reading to discover the ins and outs of insurance coverage for this groundbreaking treatment for all ages!

How Much Does AviClear Cost on Average?

AviClear, a state-of-the-art energy device that uses a laser to safely and gently reduce acne of various types and severities, costs around $3,000 for a series of three treatments.

While many agree that this price tag is worth it due to it being an effective, prescription-free, and non-invasive procedure that is appropriate for all ages and skin tones, $1,000 a month is not always an option for many people.

Does Insurance Cover AviClear Treatments? Why or Why Not?

Unfortunately, insurance is relatively behind when it comes to dermatologists treating acne, even if the treatments improve the health of your child’s skin and overall quality of life.

AviClear is not covered by health insurance plans at this time due to it being a new and therefore “experimental” therapy for acne. Ideally, it will become eligible for coverage as it establishes itself in the world of acne treatments.

What Can Be Done If Insurance Coverage Isn’t an Option?

While the answer to your question, “Does insurance cover AviClear treatments,” is an undeniably disappointing one, you shouldn’t lose hope! Instead, speak with your child or teenager’s skincare specialist about options like financing to make it easier to afford this procedure.

Keep in mind that it is intended to yield long-term potentially permanent results and exceptional acne reduction.

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