CPR and Choking….Are you ready to save a life?

Have you ever worried about your child or children under your care choking on their food or on small items they find laying around? Often time’s children on the go are quick, curious, and full of energy. They can evade the best parents and caregivers for a few minutes which makes it impossible to see everything! Most parents and caretakers are trying to manage more than just caring for a child….and let’s face it parent’s & caretakers are some of the best multitasker’s out there. The secret is out…… we know you don’t’ actually have eyes in the back of your head.
Choking is one of the leading causes of unintentional deaths for infants (National Safety Council). Many of us have seen the motions of a Heimlich maneuvers performed on T.V. but that’s all just part of the show and it is usually not an accurate representation of proper technique.  So ask yourself are you prepared to assist your child or family member if they’re choking? Do you have a teenager who is responsible for babysitting your younger children, are they prepared? If not let us help you and your family by signing up for one of our monthly Family & Friends CPR classes. This 2 hour non-certification course is taught by a certified American Heart Association instructor and will not only teach you what to do but will empower you to react quickly to save a life. For those of you who want to get certified or need to re-certify we have a certification course just for you. Check out our website for upcoming dates.