CHADIS-What is it and why do I have to do it?

By Natalia Darling, PA-C
What is Chadis?  CHADIS is an online questionnaire that helps your provider  review and assess the health and development of your child at each of their well visits.  It is a survey that is filled out online that only takes about 15-20 minutes of your time. It is incredibly helpful and beneficial to the complete assessment of your child’s health by your provider.   In addition, CHADIS allows you to list in an organized format any problems, questions or concerns that you would like to discuss that day.  It is both beneficial to yourself and your child, as well as to the provider who will be seeing and assessing your child on the day of their well visit.
Why is it useful to me? CHADIS is useful to parents and caregivers because it helps prioritize your questions and concerns and guide your child’s visit. While filling out CHADIS, you will be asked to provide your goals for the visit, share problems that you may be  having, talk about anything you may be worried about in regards to your child, and preemptively ask  any questions you may have.  In this way, before your provider even walks into the room they know what you want the focus of the visit to be.
Why is it useful to my provider?  CHADIS poses a series of questions that thoroughly analyzes where your child is in terms of their development and health. Through CHADIS we are able to compare your child with where they are expected to be based on their age and track their development as time goes on. Regardless of whether or not you fill out CHADIS, we will ask certain questions when we are face to face with you to help assess development, but studies have shown that without online/paper questionnaires we are only able to identify approximately 30 percent of children with developmental delays.   Identifying developmental delays is critical so that we can intervene earlier and give services to help your child thrive and succeed.  For school aged children and adolescents, CHADIS helps to identify early signs of ADHD,  depression, anxiety and other psychosocial concerns that also benefit from early identification and intervention.
When should I use Chadis?  We will send you an email prior to every well visit that your child has, reminding you to complete the assessment and providing you with a link to the CHADIS website.
How do I sign up for CHADIS? You can sign up for chadis at www.chadis .com. We also have a direct link on our website under the “your child’s health tab”.  If you have questions, concerns or issues please feel free to call our front desk at 301 279-6750 or the CHADIS toll free help hotline at 888 424- 2347 or email
Who has access to my CHADIS information?  Only your provider and the staff in the office has access to your information.  CHADIS is fully HIPAA compliant.