Camp and School Form Season

Tis the season for camp and school forms – At Potomac Pediatrics we fill out A LOT of school and camp forms!  We complete an average of 500 per month (that’s at least 25 per day)
Here’s a quick way to make sure your child’s form gets filled out and back in your hands as quick as possible.

  1. Fill out your portion of the forms first. We get a lot of paperwork each day.  If your child’s name is on every page it makes it easier for us to not lose components and easier for you to get your form back without missing pieces.
  2. Fill out our cover sheet – it’s available on our web site. We can’t read your minds – do you want your child to have Tylenol at camp?  Do they need to wear ear plugs in the pool?  Explain what you want for us to write on the form.
  3. Be specific -with medications! We don’t always prescribe what our patients may take.  If you want a medication included on the form please provide: names of medications, dosages, times they need to take the medication at school/camp.
  4. Be specific with Allergies. Please tell us specifically what the allergy is.  Some kids are treated by a specialist and we don’t always have current information.
  5. Make sure your child’s Well Check Exam is up to date. They need to have been seen in the past year for a checkup (not just a sick visit) to complete the form.  If you are unsure check the patient portal or call our office.
  6. We understand that forms are an inconvenience; so we have made the health form submission as simple and accessible as possible for parents. You can either:
  • Go to our web site for information –

Right hand tab click FORMS – school/camp/daycare
Complete the cover sheet
Attach PDF of the form

  • Drop it off to our front desk.
  • Please note: We do NOT accept fax copies of forms
  1. We scan each form into your child’s medical record so if you lose it – we still have a copy!
  2. We attach an immunization record to each form even if you don’t ask for it.

Allow 3-5 business days – You know school starts at the end of August – make sure you get your forms to us so we have enough time to complete.