Dr. Jeremy Fishelberg 
“As the new school year gets underway, our children return to a world of endless potential with renewed hope and optimism. Unfortunately for some, this represents a return to great stress and anxiety as a growing number of our children are the victims of bullying.  Bullying is a growing concern for our children with potentially devastating physical and emotional consequences. Physical, aggressive cases of bullying can be the easy to spot.  However, bullying comes in various, pernicious forms. Verbal, Social, and Cyber Bullying can be more difficult to recognize and just as distressing. Understanding the subtle symptoms of a bullied child is the first step and can be the difference between a swift resolution and prolonged suffering.
Signs a Child is Being Bullied:
Unexplained injuries, loss of property or clothing, frequent complaints of headaches or stomachaches, changes in eating habits, changes in sleeping habits, changes in school performance, avoidance of social situations.
We have to empower our children to ask for help when they are feeling threatened or bullied, and we need to educate them that bystanders are in a powerful position to help those unable to help themselves.”
Let this touching story inspire you to talk to your children about bullying and how they are capable of making a difference:
Here are links to some additional resources you may find helpful:
www.stopbullying.gov, www.pacer.org/bullying, www.healthychildren.org