• 24 JUN, 2017
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    Drowning in Misinformation: The Truth about "Dry Drowning"

    By: Michelle Place, CRNP-P Earlier this month a young child died following days of vomiting. He had been in shallow water in a Texas dike about a week before his death. The headlines of this story attributed his death to a rare condition called dry drowning or secondary drowning. (CNN. June 9, 2017; http://cnn.it/2rECrOV.) The

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    • 12 MAY, 2017
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    Summer Water Safety

    By Natalia Darling, PA-C   After surviving a long winter and an erratic spring, we are finally fast approaching the summer months-. For children, this means endless days of warm weather, playing outside, summer camp, vacations to the beach, and ice cream trucks. For parents and pediatricians, it is the time to think about and

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