The Picky Eater!

Feeding and enjoying meals with our children should be one of life’s pleasures.
If feeding your toddler is proving to be a challenge, or you would like guidance on how best to establish a strong foundation on which your child can build healthy lifelong eating habits, this session is for you. During our hour together you will have the opportunity to learn about and practice the
“Division of Responsibility” in feeding so as to successfully feed your toddler in a developmentally appropriate way, correct and prevent common food battles, and raise competent eaters.

What does a toddler who is a “competent eater” look like?

  • They are positive about eating
  • They rely on internal cues of hunger and fullness to know how much to eat
  • They rely on variations in appetite to know what to eat
  • They enjoy many different foods
  • They can try new foods and learn to like them
  • They can politely turn down or ignore foods they do not want to eat
  • They can “make do” with less-than-favorite food

Ideal Age: 18 months- 3 years

Both parents/caregivers of toddlers age 18 months- 3 years are encouraged to attend this session together, without your children.

Please be advised that this session will be billed through your insurance as a group nutritional consultation. If your policy does not offer nutritional benefits, the cost is $30 per family. Please only purchase 1 ticket per family. We will follow-up with you after your purchase to confirm how many adults will be attending, We ask that no more than 2 adults per family attend a session,

Please check back later for times and dates!

What is your cancellation/ no-show policy?

No shows and failure to cancel your reservation with 24 hours advanced notice will result in a $15 fee and will be charged to your credit card on file within 24 hours of the missed event.

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