• 06 JUN, 2019
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    Lyme Disease and Tick Bite FAQs

    By: Dr. Joseph Mechak Summer brings sun, sand, pools, summer camps, and… ticks.  Ticks get a bad name, and rightfully so at times.  There is a lot of misinformation, incomplete information, and myths out there. We want to arm you with some reliable information and trustworthy references in case you cross paths with one of

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    • 05 JUL, 2017
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    What should I do if…(Summer Edition)

    By: Michelle Place, CRNP-P Now that the Fourth of July is in our rear view mirror and summer is in full swing, here is a little “how-to” guide for some common summertime ailments. What should I do if…I find a tick on my child’s body? Tick bites normally don’t itch or hurt. That’s why they

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