In addition to therapy services offered by our staff therapist we work closely with other organizations or provide alternative options for our patients.  Each has their advantages and disadvantages as outlined below:

Pediatric Psychology Center – Dr. Kim Burgess and Dr. Anne Shapiro  – 301-251-5160.  We co-located with our colleagues years ago to provide psychology services and psychoeducational testing conveniently to our patients.  Doctors Burgess and Shapiro are a well-trained, experienced, and trusted team with over 30 years of experience in pediatric psychology.  
The advantage of using them are:
  • They provide services in the same location as your child is accustomed to coming for all medical care, therefore, normalizing mental health.
  • They prioritize Potomac Pediatrics patients and seem to be able to accommodate appointments faster than the community.

The disadvantage of Pediatric Psychology Center is that they do not participate with insurance, though their prices tend to be less than most others in the community psychologists.

JSSA (Jewish Social Services Agency) –  JSSA is an organization that has social workers trained in providing therapy for common mental health and behavioral issues. 

The advantage of using them:

  • Typically covered by insurance.
  • Large menu of services including parent training, family counseling and group therapy.

The disadvantage of using them is that it generally takes 6 weeks to be linked with a therapist.  The first step is to complete an intake form (see below) and then have an intake assessment (ARC assessment) with the social worker who determines the needs of your child/family and then assigns your child to an appropriate therapist.


Instructions: Please read carefully and select the link appropriate for your child’s age. The required forms below must be completed before we can schedule your ARC Assessment with JSSA. Once you have completed the forms you will be required to verify your signature through a link in your email. When you click the link it will submit your forms to Potomac Pediatrics. If your email/signature is not verified Potomac Pediatrics will not receive your forms.

Parents of patients 15 years and younger: Please CLICK HERE to complete the required forms.

Parents of patients 16 years and older: Please complete the JSSA Financial Responsibility Agreement only! Your child must complete the PSC-17 and ARC program consent forms on their own.

Patients 16 years and older: CLICK HERE to complete your PSC-17 and JSSA ARC program consent forms.