Are you ready to ditch the diaper?

Dr. Glassman’s Potty Training Technique is a 3-week process from start to finish though most children are dry after 3-4 days. A successful child is one who voluntarily holds urine and stool until the appropriate time to release. Therefore, we reward for staying dry. Avoid rewarding for going on the toilet.

Step 1: Take off the diapers and put on underwear. There is no role for pull-ups. A toilet is preferred over a potty chair.

Step 2: Set up a reward system where the child is rewarded for staying dry.

  • Week 1: Child can earn a sticker by staying dry and sitting on the potty every 2 hours.
  • Week 2: Child can earn a sticker for staying dry. The parent should suggest using the toilet every 2 hours. “You might want to think about using the potty”.
  • Week 3: Child can earn a sticker for staying dry. At the end of each day, if the child has earned 3 stickers then offer a bigger reward (small token toy). At the end of the week, if the child has earned 18 stickers then offer an even bigger reward (trip to the Zoo).

Step 3: Inform the child that success is expected. “Dr. Glassman said that you need to stay dry. You can stay dry by putting your pee and poop in the potty. Dr. Glassman said that if you stay dry and sit on the potty when I say, then you can put a sticker on your chart. When you get 3 stickers in a row, then I will give you a present. You can do this, if you need help, let me know.”

Nighttime dryness is a separate issue. For naps and bedtime, put on a diaper with a pair of underwear on top.


  1. Parents don’t stop believing your child can do this. Children are extremely sensitive and they need for you to believe that they can succeed. Do not modify the program. Your child can do this and if you get out of their way, they will be successful.
  2. Some children become constipated. It is critical for these 3 weeks that your child has a bowel movement each day. If your child misses a day, then offer a low dose, mild laxative (Milk of Magnesia 1 tsp orally at bedtime).
  3. Some children are so successful that parents stop the program after 1 week. Most of these children will relapse because we have not solidified their need to stop playing when they need to eliminate. For very successful children you can shorten each step to 3-4 days, but don’t skip any steps.

Potty Training Reward Chart & Guide- Download Now!

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