Physician Zoom Triage Hours – Monday- Friday 7:30 AM – 9:30 AM. Join an open zoom call with a Potomac Pediatrics Physician to review your child’s symptoms, determine the fastest path to appropriate care and make a same day appointment should that be necessary.

Here is what you can expect:

  1. You will wait in the virtual waiting until the doctor lets you into the zoom room. Please have your child with you. You will first see the doctor.
  2. If you need an appointment, you will be moved into a zoom room where a receptionist will book your  appointment.
  3. If you do not need to come into the office but need an intervention – prescription or letter to return to activities, you will be offered a same day telemedicine appointment to meet those needs.
  4. If you do not need to come in but do need advice, you will be transferred to a zoom room where you will have a televisit with an advice nurse who will guide you through home care, return to school/activities criteria and observation guidelines. Please note this televisit will be billed to insurance and is subject to copay/ coinsurance/ deductible.
  5. If you child has any of these symptom combinations, please call the office to make a same day appointment.
  • Fever >101 F for more than 3 days
  • Sore throat WITHOUT cough or congestion
  • Sore throat WITH FEVER
  • Known asthmatic using inhaler
  • Ear pain

This service is exclusive to current patients of Potomac Pediatrics

Meeting ID: 882 9945 8501

Passcode: 226681