Adult and Pediatric first aid/CPR/AED Certification

Receive your adult and pediatric first aid/CPR/AED certification with Coach Allison who is an instructor with the American Red Cross.

This course is a blended learning course including an online portion and a classroom skill session. The online portion MUST be completed prior to attending the in-class portion. Allow 2.5 hours to complete the online portion. Upon successful completion of this course you will receive a digital certificate for Adult and Pediatric first aid/CPR/AED of which is valid for two years.

Please note this course is exclusive to parents/ guardians/ caretakers whose children are patients at Potomac Pediatrics.

Must be at 12 years of age or older to attend and participate. The space and nature of this course can not accommodate for younger or unattended children.

SAFETY FIRST: There will only be a MAX of # participants. Each participant will be assigned a designated area in the room and will have their own manikins. Tickets are non-refundable.

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July 8th at 5PM: REGISTER NOW

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