Prenatal Sessions for Expecting Parents
“Join us for a FREE prenatal session. This session is led by one of our board certified pediatricians or our board certified Lactation Consultant where they will share the vision of Potomac Pediatrics and help prepare you for welcoming your newborn into the world. During this session you will have an opportunity to tour our facility and get your questions answered about Potomac Pediatrics.

Newborn Care & Comfort
A 2 hour class taught by one of our very own triage Registered Nurses with years of combined experience in newborn care and advice. During this class you will learn about the following topics:

  • Breastfeeding/ supplementing
  • Cradle cap
  • Baby acne
  • Bathing and nail care
  • Sleeping and swaddling
  • and much more.

Upcoming Classes:

Baby Feeding Support Group
Bring your 0-6 month old and join Maureen Mills, RN, IBCLC, Lactation Consultant for a walk-in session on feeding and infant care. Here you will get an opportunity to get FREE assistance with your feeding needs and meet other moms who may be experiencing similar challenges.
No need to sign up, just walk right in and join us in the conference room on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at 1:00 PM. 2nd Floor Suite 220

Upcoming Groups:

May 9th

May 23rd

Lockers, Bell Schedules and New Friends: Strategies to Transition to Middle School
The transition to middle grades can be an apprehensive time for parents and students. During this 75 minute workshop, parents will get information to help them understand and ease the transition anxiety and developmental issues, plus ways to help their child to get organized and accept responsibility for learning, improve time management, homework skills, attendance and more! This workshop is presented byLearning Essentials’ Executive Director Wendy Taylor, M.Ed.
New dates will be posted as they become available.

CPR: Friends and Family
The American Heart Association has approved CPR training taught by a certified AHA CPR instructor for adults, infants and children on life saving CPR and choking. This will be a two hour class and is not for those needing certification.
Finally, please check back for future available dates or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get notified when those dates became available and open for registration.
Saturday October 31, 2015 9 am – 11 am

Reading Roadblock: Experience and Understand the Challenges of Reading
Time for a change of perspective? It may be the key to helping struggling readers to thrive. This one-hour workshop helps parents to get inside the head of a child who “sees the world differently,” so to speak. Experience the frustration this student feels and begin to see why it is so hard for this type of child to learn in a “normal manner.” Parents explore proven techniques and strategies—based on possible reading challenges—that revolutionize the way they encourage students with learning disabilities to succeed and achieve. This workshop is presented by Learning Essentials’ Executive Director Wendy Taylor, M.Ed.
New dates will be posted as they become available.

Homework: That Was Easy!
Do you, as a parent, find yourself dreading homework time as much as your child? Do you wish you could help your struggling learner find a new approach to reading, studying and setting a routine? You can!
End the homework drama. In this one-hour workshop, parents learn hands-on tips to help their child get organized, set good study habits, and apply strategies proven to boost memory and comprehension. A brief questionnaire identifies the child’s learner type—Disorganized, Rusher, Procrastinator, Inattentive, Easily Frustrated or Avoider. Then parents are introduced to practical solutions that support and empower students fitting each profile. A successful, reduced-stress homework routine starts here!
This workshop is presented by Learning Essentials’ Executive Director Wendy Taylor, M.Ed.
Tuesday October 27, 2015: 7:00pm

Kindergarten Readiness Seminar for Parents
Learning Essentials’ Kindergarten Readiness workshop is a 75-minute program for parents, as well as caregivers, of preschool-age children ready to enter kindergarten in the fall. This interactive workshop gives participants information and ideas on how they can prepare children in all domains of learning for the BIG transition year. The workshop includes a video presentation and group activities that help parents/caregivers to identify simple things they can do in their homes to prepare their children for kindergarten.
This seminar is led by the Executive Director Wendy Taylor, M. Ed from Learning Essentials.

Upcoming Seminar:
New dates will be posted as they become available.

Have Questions?
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