Dear Parent,

We have prescribed for your child a medication to assist in the management of ADD or ADHD. These medications are dosed based upon clinical response not weight. For example, two children who are the same weight may be on very different doses of the same medication due to variable improvement of target behaviors or emergence of side effects. To further complicate matters, over time, children may need adjustments to their medication doses as they go through growth spurts, participate in sports (which may increase metabolism), or have side effects.

For the first 3 months of therapy, you are asked to contact your doctor every 4 weeks for prescription refills. During these calls, the doctor will inquire about the effects of the medication (good and bad), and adjust the dose if necessary. We ask that you make an appointment after 3 months of therapy to assess the therapeutic response to the medication. Once the correct dose is established, you will be given prescriptions for 3 months at a time. Please call sooner if your child is experiencing any new symptoms as these may be related to the medication.

Some ADHD medications can decrease weight, slow growth, and raise blood pressure” (as not all medications have these side effects). Therefore, while your child is on these medications, we will require that your child come in for an appointment to check his/her weight, height, and blood pressure at least every 6 months. We will require this visit prior to writing prescriptions for further refill.

Please alert us at least one week prior to running out of your medication that you will need a refill. Refills cannot be done after hours or on weekends.

Other parents whose children have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD have found the following resources helpful: and ADHD: A Complete and Authoritative Guide.

If you have any questions, we would be more than happy to assist you.

The Physicians of Potomac Pediatrics.

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*Edited by Dr. Lauren Zohler on 5/6/21