When Is It Time to See the Best Teenage Acne Doctor in Chevy Chase, Maryland?

Acne is common among teenagers. In fact, it is estimated that 85% of teens get it.

As a parent, when do you know it is time to take your child to see the best teenage acne doctor in Chevy Chase, Maryland? This quick guide answers that question and more. 

If Your Child Experiences Any of the Following, It’s Time to Make an Appointment

There are clear indicators it is time to seek professional help at an acne clinic:

  • When over-the-counter remedies fail to help or stop working
  • If your child has severe acne such as cysts, papules, or nodules
  • When acne appears after starting certain medications like those prescribed for depression and anxiety 
  • You’ve noticed scarring caused by acne
  • Your child’s self-confidence begins to suffer

What Are the Top Treatments for Acne?

The best teenage acne doctor in Chevy Chase, Maryland may recommend daily skincare advice, special face washes, the use of creams or gels, or prescription medications.

They may also suggest AviClear. This is an FDA-approved, one-of-a-kind technology used to treat mild to severe forms of acne. It is completely non-invasive and chemical free. It tackles the overactive oil glands, the leading cause of acne, to provide long-lasting results.

The average treatment plan is one session of AviClear monthly for three months. It is suitable for all skin tones, making it a great option for almost everyone. Side effects are minimal, and no downtime is necessary for recovery.

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