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    • 23 MAR 18
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    The Guide to Speech Sounds

    The Guide to Speech Sounds

    By Hallie Bulkin, MA CCC-SLP, COM Little Sprout Speech Children develop speech and language at different rates. It is important to note that some children have very clear speech at a young age and produce speech sounds earlier than suggested, while others are a bit slower in developing their speech sounds. The following age ranges presented

    • 19 MAR 18
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    Who Ya Gonna Call? Poison Control!

    Who Ya Gonna Call? Poison Control!

    By: Michelle Place, CRNP-P There are some kids out there who will not allow a drop of medicine to pass their lips. These are the ones we have to cajole, beg, bribe and finally resort to hiding the drug in chocolate syrup. Then there are the ones like my son who, when diagnosed with an