Here’s How to Choose the Best Acne Treatment in Montgomery County for Your Teen

The self-esteem issue that acne creates for teens is heartbreaking, which you already know if you’re watching your child suffer from this condition.

You’re likely already spent countless hours and a lot of money trying to eliminate breakouts to no avail. Wondering how to choose the best acne treatment in Montgomery County? This is what you should know.

Here’s How to Choose the Best Acne Treatment in Montgomery County

Before choosing, it’s essential to understand the type and severity of your teen’s acne. Acne can manifest as blackheads, whiteheads, pustules, or cysts. Severe or persistent acne may require skincare specialist intervention.

A pediatric acne specialist can provide a personalized treatment plan based on your teen’s skin type and the specific acne type. Prescriptions might include oral antibiotics, topical retinoids, or hormonal therapies for females.

The secret to finding the best options is to choose a pediatric acne clinic. You can be sure that by focusing specifically on this condition, they’ll offer cutting-edge therapies to help your child achieve clear skin.

The Clear Choice Is the AviClear Acne Laser

The other secret to choosing the top acne-eliminating method? Choose AviClear, the first and only laser device approved by the FDA to address mild to severe cases. Targeting the sebaceous glands, it is designed to stop the overproduction of sebum, or oil, so you experience less frequent and less severe breakouts.

AviClear for teens is a safe and effective way to put an end to whiteheads, blackheads, and other symptoms without the risks associated with prescription drugs. Now that you know how to choose the best acne treatment in Montgomery County, it’s time to find out if AviClear is right for your child!

Experience Long-Term Teen Acne Relief Here at Potomac Pediatrics

We’re currently accepting new patients and have a dedicated acne clinic where Dr. Amy Kaplan offers successful AviClear treatments. Reach out today by calling 301-279-6750 for appointment scheduling made easy!

Your teen deserves clear skin, and AviClear has what it takes to achieve it.