Disruption to Phone Service 9/27/2021

We currently are experiencing technical difficulties with our phone lines. We have learned that Bandwidth (one of the major back-bone carriers on the US Public Telephone system) is experiencing a large array of outages. Please be advised this issue is outside the control of Potomac Pediatrics and our staff are working as diligently as they can to meet your needs.

Some of the below issues are occurring as a result of these outages:
Dropped Calls, Inbound and Outbound
Phone Menu Options Not Working
One Way Audio
E-911 Services
DTMF (Button presses in an Auto Attendant) failing
Call Recordings, Text-to-Speech Applications
Caller ID lookup
And Many More technical interruptions

You may always utilize our live chat feature here on our website to schedule an appointment, ask a question, or receive medical advice. You may also contact us through your child’s patient portal account, or email us at question@potomacpediatrics.com to schedule an appointment or advicenurse@potomacpediatrics.com for medical advice.