What can I do for my baby’s gas?

It is very normal for people on pure liquid diets (babies) to be gassy because they swallow a lot of air while sucking/gulping. It usually is not an indication that they are sensitive to something in mom’s milk or their formula. Good burping is the most important first step. If you cannot get a good burp out. Try to change position- lay them down for 1-2 min and then return them to an upright position. Often this position change will result in “self-burping”. If the infant is gulping, try to slow the flow by either changing to a lower number nipple. If your breastfeeding, try pumping for 45 seconds prior to nursing to release your fast let-down. It is perfectly fine to try mylicon (simethicone) 0.3 mL up to every 2-3 hours to help relieve gas.