What do I do if I need medical advice and your office is closed?
If our office is closed one of our healthcare providers/ and or nurses are available to discuss your child’s symptoms from 8:00am – 8:00pm daily. Before and after these hours our nurse triage answering service is available to provide you with quality medical advice. If necessary they will page the on call physician who will return your call. When in doubt please call us first and we could save your child from an ER/Urgent Care visit.

What should I do if I can’t get through to schedule an appointment or speak with a nurse the first time I call?
Sometimes we experience a high call volume and may not be able to answer all incoming calls. If you leave a message we’ll give you a call back promptly! Calls are answered in the order that they are received, so leaving a voicemail may be quicker than calling back later.

I’m switching insurance, how can I figure out if you participate with the options I have to choose from?
Please click on the billing tab at the top of our webpage to view a list of all insurance companies that we participate with. If you’re still unsure if we participate with your insurance then please email billing@potomacpediatrics.com with your inquiry along with a copy of the front and back of your insurance card

I need to see a specialist. Who do you recommend?
Please click on the Your Child’s Health tab at the top of our webpage and then click on Who We Recommend. You will find a listing of all specialists that all providers at Potomac Pediatrics recommend. Please know that this list is the same as the list that may have been provided to you during your recent visit. If you still have question please email us at advicenurse@potomacpediatrics.com

How can I obtain a copy of my child’s vaccine record?
You may obtain a copy of your child’s vaccine record by simply logging into your patient portal account and clicking on immunizations. You may also request one by calling our office at (301)279-6750, email us at question@potomacpediatrics.com or stop by and pick one up in our office.

Why do I have to show my insurance card every time I come into the office?
In order to verify that we have your insurance information up to date in our system we require that you present your card at every office visit. Many times small details on your card may change with you knowing and these details can affect the successful processing of claims for your visit. We strive to achieve accurate timely billing of your claims and need your insurance card to do so.

Why can’t you email medical records or health forms?
Email is not considered to be HIPAA compliant and protecting your child’s health information is not only important but it’s the law. We understand the need to access information at a moment’s notice so we encourage you to utilize your child’s patient portal account online and download the Healow app for your convenience. These utilities are maintained through secure networks and are HIPAA compliant.

Why do I always have a balance when I come into the office?
We strive to bill claims in a timely manner and are receiving processed claims back from insurance companies daily. Many patients have deductibles and/or coinsurance due after a claim is processed. When this happens your account will have a balance and we make every effort to keep parents up to date on their children’s account. If you have any questions or concerns about your account or your insurance policy please feel free to speak with a billing representative when you’re in the office or email us at billing@potomacpediatrics.com

In your waiting room, do you have a sick and well side?
We do not have a separate sick and well side in our waiting room. For many years our office utilized this approach but we found that many parents find themselves chasing after their young children and they inadvertently get intermixed. It is our goal to see patients on our time and minimize time spent in our waiting room for all children to minimize and avoid exposure.

If I take my child to urgent care or the emergency room do I need to let you know?
Before you take your child to urgent care or the emergency room please contact us first even if it’s after hours. If it was an emergency and you didn’t have time to contact us first please contact our office the next morning to let us know where and why they were seen. Many times we receive notes from the ER however we almost never receive notes from urgent care facilities.

Who do I call if I can’t access the patient portal?
If you’re having difficulty logging in please call our main number at (301) 279-6750 and one of our receptionist can help reset your password. You may also request a password reset by emailing question@potomacpediatrics.com or submitting a request through the Contact us page of our website.