New in 2018! We’re dedicated to providing you with real advice and recommendations for current books on the market. That’s why one of our providers reads a new book every month and we host a Staff Book Club to review those books and share the pro’s, con’s, and overall recommendation for a book.

Infants & Toddlers (0-5 years)

  • 1,2,3 Magic by Michael Phelan, M.D.
    • This is a great book for parents who are struggling to establish an effective and concise way of disciplining their child or children or whose children are becoming so out of control that they are “running the house”.  The method/system they present is easy to learn and enact and has been around and proven effective for many years. This book has focused sections on many challenge areas including discipline in public, sibling rivalry, going to sleep and staying in bed, homework, and chores.What we love about this book is that it is easy to read, simple discipline method to enact, dedicated sections and chapters for specific challenging situations, and the scenarios and comics are interspersed to keep the reader’s interest. The book is repetitive and unnecessarily wordy but overall if you’re struggling with discipline this is a great book to pick-up. Click here to purchase.

School Age (6-10 years)

Recommended book coming soon…

Adolescents  (11+)

  • The Guide, Period by Naama Bloom
    • A new release explaining everything puberty to the modern girl.  The founder of Helloflo, Ms. Bloom delivers an honest, nonsugar-coated, guide for girls discussing topics from body hair and its removal to menstruation and sanitary options to brain changes that affect decision making, and everything in between. This book does a beautiful job reassuring girls that they are not alone in what they are experiencing and that they are normal.While this book does not discuss reproduction, it is written to a level appropriate for middle school readers and above who have already been introduced to basic puberty concepts.  It would not be our first choice as a girl’s introduction to the concepts of puberty and menstruation.The book has medically accurate, up to date information that our girls need to know.  And quite honestly, many moms might even learn a thing or two from reading this book! Click here to purchase.